Transform Your Sales and Customer Interactions with Sync Made Easy

Make Selling Simple and customer support a breeze with a unified data view offered by effortless Shopify Salesforce integration!

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Shopify and Salesforce. Minus the fuss.

Easily Connect With Shopify To Salesforce

We bring you the best features of Lightning and Classic, and combine them with Shopify - the best work order and inventory app - so you can generate and manage Products, Variants, Location, Inventory, Collections, Orders, Draft Orders and Order Fulfillment, all from a single app.

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Seamless Legacy Data Import for Informed Decision-Making and Accurate Forecasting!

Need your historical data synced into Salesforce? No problem.

Sync Made Easy effortlessly imports your legacy data into Salesforce, providing valuable insights into past orders, inventory movements, and customer interactions. This comprehensive dataset lets you forecast future sales trends and make decisions accurately. With streamlined order management, inventory tracking, and customer service, you can optimize your business processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Go Global with Multi-Currency transactions

With this feature, Merchants can expand their business globally by managing international transactions seamlessly. By facilitating multi-currency transactions, you can tap into new markets and drive revenue growth on a global scale.

Eliminate Manual currency conversions
Streamline the purchasing process for customers worldwide
Boost cross-border commerce by removing barriers to entry.


Supercharge Sales Productivity & Revenue Growth with Real-time Salesforce Shopify sync

Boost your Sales and customer agents’ productivity with real-time insights delivered by the ultimate Shopify Salesforce app. Utilizing the benefit of real-time sync, empower your reps to drive growth and efficiency.

Increase customers’ lifetime value.
Improve Lead Generation.
Increase Upselling.
Deliver faster resolutions.


Unify your Data sources with Multistore Sync

Bring all your data sources from multiple Shopify stores together in one place to get a clear picture of your customers, their behaviors, and their preferences.

Centralize and synchronize data from multiple stores.
Simplify management.
Get you a holistic view of your business across different platforms.
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