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Shopify and Salesforce. Minus the fuss.
Get to market and sell faster. Super Easy to Setup.

We bring you the best features of Lightning and Classic, and combine them with Shopify - the best work order and inventory app - so you can generate and manage Products, Variants, Location, Inventory, Collections, Orders, Draft Orders and Order Fulfillment, all from a single app.

  • Legacy Data Imports To Consolidate Salesforce Platform Data.
  • Single, comprehensive app to manage all eCommerce entities.
  • Real-time Synchronization of Records.
  • Concurrent and Efficient Inventory Management.
  • Eloquent, Lucid User Interface.
  • Multi-store synchronization to connect unlimited stores with Salesforce for effective utilization of your eCommerce data.

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Our Way
Sync made easy

Dynamic Field Mapping. Made for both IT & non-IT users.

Import all legacy shopify data instantly.

Sync new Shopify products to Salesforce in ‘real-time’.

Breezy Installation. No code required. Familiar Salesforce interface.

Sync Made Easy available for absolutely Free!


Their Way
Other AppExchange Apps

Strongly Mapped fields. You'll need to know what goes where.

Patchy integration work. Involves lots of manual intervention.

Cluttered approach to platform integration.

Standard Salesforce AppExchange based Installation. Support Required.

Monthly subscriptions of Other AppExchange Apps tune of ~ $10-$15 a month.

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