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Move Unlimited data in real-time for Hassle-free order management across multiple Shopify stores

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One Salesforce To Shopify Integration App: Endless Possibilities

Alerts & Notifications

Get instant updates on sync status with timely alerts and notifications, ensuring you're always in the loop

Shopify Logs

Access a detailed log of every sync, and transaction between your Shopify and Salesforce platform empowering you with insights and accessibility at your fingertips


Make international transactions a breeze and open doors to new markets effortlessly with multicurrency support for your ecommerce business

Lead Sync

Keep your sales pipeline flowing smoothly by syncing lead data from Shopify to Salesforce in real time, ensuring you never miss out on a promising opportunity

Multi-store Sync

Centralize and synchronize data from multiple Shopify stores, simplifying management and giving you a holistic view of your business across different platforms

Real-time Sync

Ensure that changes made in Shopify reflect instantly in Salesforce, enabling agile decision-making and providing a seamless experience for both you and your customers

Real Life Use Cases

For Customer-Facing Teams

Empower your Contact center Agents with real time, unified view of data Reduce the time taken to gather data from multiple systems to respond to customer queries and deliver faster customer experiences

“Experience with Sync Made Easy: Consistent support and User-friendly interface, Reasons for Recommendation: Highly useful Core Package and Simple installation process”

Neha Shah

Web Applications Manager

For Sales

Increase Upselling opportunities and gain new prospects with the lead sync and instant data at your disposal. Improve Sales forecasting with the real-time sync between Shopify and Salesforce, every sale and every customer interaction is instantly updated across platforms, providing a real-time snapshot for your revenue forecast

“I've found the AppExchange application to be an incredibly interesting and user-friendly tool that greatly simplifies the way we manage and integrate our systems”

Ayoub Rhiti

Senior CRM Consultant

Maximize the benefits of the Order Management System

The app allows for real-time sync of orders, inventory, fulfillment products, customers, locations, and drafts into Salesforce helping Shopify store owners with a comprehensive Order management experience.

“Everyday Hero Project: Seamless integration with Salesforce and Excellent support service”

Andrea Bonzoumet

Community Director

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Optimized API bandwidth usage; Secure platform for data sync; Cost Effective and no custom coding; Unlimited data processing



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