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Accentuate your Sync Made Easy app’s performance with the advanced add-on features of the Shopify Salesforce Connector For e-commerce.

Two-Way Synchronization

Move data bi-directionally for a seamless flow of data across multiple stores and Salesforce CRM

Google Analytics sync

Performance metrics and sales data are synchronized between Shopify and Salesforce with Google Analytics sync

Shopify Refunds

Instantly sync refund actions from Shopify to Salesforce for comprehensive order histories for enhanced experiences

Tax and Shipping Lines

Sync tax and shipping details between Shopify and Salesforce for streamlined order processing and financial reporting

Shopify Images

Bring your Shopify product images to Salesforce for better product listing, sharing as attachments, and more

Duplicate Prevention

Prevent duplicate account and contact creation based on email addresses and company names

Reports and Dashboard for Shopify Customers and Orders

Access comprehensive reports and dashboards in Salesforce for Shopify insights

Unlock game-changing benefits with the powerful Shopify Salesforce Integration


Unlimited Two-way data sync

Move unlimited data seamlessly across Shopify and Salesforce to and fro in real-time


Use Analytics for better insights

Integrate Google Analytics data into custom dashboards  in real-time powered by GraphQL


Prevent Duplicates

Avoid redundancy and errors by the Matching Rule for Customer Emails and prevent the creation of Duplicate records


Get Customized Dashboards and Reports

Generate improved reports on customer and order records, such as the number of records synced, the success rate, and any errors or discrepancies. The custom-built dashboard allows users to view and analyze this information in a visually appealing and interactive manner


Greater flexibility and control over your record sync

Allow scheduling of records synchronization based on specific dates and times. The component initiates record sync automatically at the specified time and date, letting organizations plan their record-syncing activities ahead of time, without requiring manual intervention


Sync all your e-commerce identity instantly

Sync your Shopify Product images, Refunds, and other elements such as Orders, Inventory, drafts, collections, locations, and customers in real-time

Advanced Sync functionalities- Sync Made Easy Pro does it all

Product Sync

Product information and variants are synchronized from Shopify to Salesforce for up-to-date information

Customer Sync

Customer details, such as contact information and order history, are synced between Shopify and Salesforce

Order Sync

Capture detailed order information, including tax lines and shipping details, ensuring accuracy in records

Analytics Sync

Google Analytics integration syncs comprehensive website performance data between Shopify and Salesforce seamlessly

Refund Sync

Shopify's refund actions are reflected in Salesforce in real-time ensuring accurate order history

Location Sync

Sync Location data between Shopify and Salesforce to streamline logistics and enhance order fulfillment

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